Chef Snow Bunnies

Hello from sunny and snowy Bend, Oregon! First stop on the “Life after Yachting” world tour! Jaclyn and I have officially left the Yacht Lady Lola and are each embarking on our Culinary adventures. First, a little time to enjoy the grand Pacific Northwest and regroup in the place I call home.

A key step to any kind of relaxation is getting the tools this chef needs to transition from a “Galley” to a “Kitchen”.

Grilling is our favorite way to prepare a meal here so the outdoor kitchen really comes into play.  The locals probably save most of the grilling for the warmer months but since I’m not here very often, I take advantage of every opportunity!

This beautiful organic chicken was lovingly brined for 24 hours, spatchcocked and given a good lemon, rosemary and olive oil rub. With a bounty of fresh veggies, it’s a dream come true.   Crispy flavorful skin, juicy and tender meat…things that make me go  Mmmmmmm!

*Cooks Note: To Spatchcock a chicken, split the chicken         through the breast and leave the backbone intact.  Open and flatten and then season generously.  Let sit for one hour at room temp then cook on a hot grill.  Using this technique you will have a beautiful, crispy skinned roasted chicken in half an hour!

Brined for 24 hours? Yes please

Another delight is fresh, Wild Salmon served on a warm, spicy Veggie Ratatouille with Fresh Baby Arugula…Clean, delicious food, well seasoned, will always be the way to go in my book!

Salmon over Ratatouille

Bend is in a high desert on the Eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain range and it hugs the banks of the Deschutes River. Outdoor activities abound and hungry hikers, bikers, skiers and rafters make for a very good audience for local chefs!

With more Micro-Breweries than almost any other town in the USA, delicious lagers, beers and ales are plentiful and, the Brew Pubs have taken “Pub” food to a new level.  Highly sophisticated renditions of  “comfort food” are plentiful and delicious, eclectic ethnic food is found on practically   every corner.

Below is a cool example of the fusion that’s happening …..Joolz Restaurant, one of my favorites, serves a Halloumi Slider!  Two worlds collide and the result is amazing!


So, that’s a good little intro to Bend, Oregon, my home and the starting point of my upcoming travels.  4 days till I leave for the first stop….Auckland, New Zealand.