Meet The Chefs – Chef Betsy M.

     I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and, shortly thereafter, began a career as a chef on Yachts.  Prior to CIA, I was working in the restaurant industry on land.  I immediately realized the myriad of benefits for a chef working in the yachting industry!  No food cost to worry about, no budget, the best of the best ingredients and traveling around the world.  What a life!

   I was also learning very quickly how different it could be to live and work with anywhere from 4-16 crew and share common spaces, work time and private time.  A big adjustment at first.  For me, this became my favorite part of the job as I got to become friends with so many people from so many different cultures and countries.  As I ended my time in yachting, I has worked with people from U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Panama, (Chef Jaclyn!!!!!), Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, the Philippines,Australia and New Zealand.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone so, if you’re reading this, please shout out!!!

For years before leaving the Yacht Lady Lola, I pondered what to do after yachting.  What would my life be like without all those mouths to feed, all the excitement of not knowing what the next day will bring?  A charter with a celebrity on board or  the owners and their family visiting? A  “Yard” period for boat maintenance which would mean the crew would live a 9-5 kind of life in one locale for a while?  The idea that each day could be so different, every day could bring an unexpected turn of events….This is the addictive part of yachting and, I’m sure, a big factor in my staying in the industry for 28 years!

The other factor was quite simple…..I didn’t have a clear vision of “life after yachting”.  So to be completely honest, I still don’t.  Now we come to the reason for this blog.  I am traveling and searching….for ideas, for inspiration  for more in- depth culinary knowledge of ethnic cuisine.  I’m sure my future involves food.  I don’t think I could be without that because, it is my creative expression.  The question is, food in what form? A small cafe?  A line of beautiful food products? Teaching in order to inspire future yacht chefs? A book with stories and recipes from my adventures around the world?  I simply do not know.  

     I invite you to enjoy this blog and take away whichever parts resound with you…Travel, food or just life.    Follow Chef Jaclyn and I on our “after yachting ” journey.  Travel with us, interact with us and, if you figure out my next incarnation before I see the light…Please let me know!!!

Chef Betsy